• Diego:

    I have recieved the watch. It is well crafted, you made a good job ! 

  • Alexander:

    I received the watch and it has waaaay exceeded my expectations. My father is a retired watchmaker so I appreciate the fine details in horology. The details are much better in person than the
    pictures. Really like the "floating effect" of the dial markers.

    Now I tell my kids I have a piece of space on my wrist. Just wanted to say thank you for producing an exceptional watch.

  • Cyril:

    I just picked up the watch, it is awesome !!
    Many thanks !
    And the cool fact is that today is my birthday :-)‌

  • Julian Portmann:

    Just got the watch today :-) so far it looks perfect...

  • Liang Yi Sim:

    I have gotten mine today! Very well done!

  • Youssy:

    Big thanks to you and the whole team. The watch is phenomenal and the quality of the materials is excellent.

    Good things take time.

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SELTEN is the German word for “rare”

We are a contemporary microbrand watch company that opens to different ideas, creative thinking, unique materials, and an overall fresh approach to making timepieces. These watches will capture your attention immediately and refuse to let it go.

  • Day & Night Indicator

  • Heated Blue Steel Hands

  • Customised Rotor

  • Double Lug Holes

  • Serial Number Plate

  • Anti-Reflective Coating