Welcome to Selten, a contemporary microbrand watch company that is open to different ideas, creative thinking, unique materials, and an overall fresh approach to making timepieces. 

Leonardo Tsai from Hong Kong started Selten in 2017. Coming from a watch dial making family, he always shows a great interest in watches even at a younger age. Leonardo studied finance in the UK for a couple of years, before his return to HK working for JP Morgan. The passion towards watchmaking has never faded. He then decided to continue the family legacy and build something exceptional on his own. Thus Selten was born! 

The name “Selten” is taken from the German word for “rare”—due to the utmost respect for German watchmaking. According to Leonardo, “The quality, craftsmanship, and beauty of German watches, as well as the resilience of the German watchmaking industry, serve strongly as inspiration to me.” 

Living up to their motto, “A Rare Kind, Not a Stereotype”, each watch that bears the Selten name is fundamentally unique. The first launch of the meteorite series 00& 01 are truly unique. Leonardo spent 4 years in R&D to perfect these models. They’re built to the highest standards and feature designs that captivate the imagination and maintain spectacular levels of accuracy. The second launch is a stunning bronze diver with the dial made from hand patina’ed artworks in multiple colorways called Salvage Bronze. They are truly one of the kind. 

While traditional watch brands are often confined to one location and thus rooted in one particular way of thinking, as a modern watch company like Selten, they are willing to explore innovation by taking the privilege of looking into all corners of the globe for inspiration.