A native of British Hong Kong, Leonardo Tsai founded SELTEN in 2017. 

I come from a family of watch professionals with a rich heritage in horological excellence. My parents had always dreamed of owning their own watch brand.

After working for JP Morgan since I graduated, I decided to continue the family legacy and build something exceptional. Thus, SELTEN was born. If you’re new to the name, get ready for timepieces that are truly unique. They’re built to the highest standards and feature designs that captivate the imagination and maintain spectacular levels of accuracy.

While traditional watch brands are often confined to one location and thus rooted in one particular way of thinking, as a modern watch brand, we have the privilege of looking to all corners of the globe for inspiration. 

The quality, craftsmanship, and beauty of German watches, as well as the resilience of the German watchmaking industry, serve as inspiration to SELTEN and me.